Barceloneta, Barcelona, March 2013


Collserola, Barcelona, March 2013

L’Empordà, Catalunya 2012

Protest in Barcelona (various photos), Nov. 14, 2012

Six minus two/Seis menos dos, by Sonia Budassi

A few months ago, the folk at Suelta, an online literary magazine that aims to strengthen the dialogue between contemporary literature and visual art in Latin America, put a call-out for translators to translate some of the short stories already published on their website. Luckily I managed to persuade them to let me do one. I … Continue reading

A few belated 12-M images, Barcelona, 2012

Proyecto: Alejandra (Colombia), Barcelona, 2012

Proyecto: Richi (Colombia), Barcelona, 2012

Proyecto: Francielle (Brasil), Barcelona, 2012

Proyecto: Carmela (Chile), Barcelona, 2012